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Trans-Atlantic Virus Connection

As students and faculty at The American University of Rome, we are uniquely positioned to track the spread of the Coronaviurs and its consequences between Italy, one of the hardest-hit regions in the world, and the United States, a latecomer to the global pandemic.

The initial, and, perhaps, stereotype-ridden impression of Italy's response to the crisis was that we were several steps behind in prevention, treatment, and reaction. As it turns out, Italy may very well be several steps ahead of all other Western countries, having had to deal with the pandemic sooner, and having been willing to learn valuable lessons from the Chinese experience. In Italy we are, so to speak, almost through the woods, and, perhaps, in sight of the clearing, while most other Western countries are just beginning to realize that if you are not Hansel (Italy), then you must be Gretel (You!).

Radio producer, writer, editor, and translator Natasha Senjanovic, formerly a very popular host at Nashville Public Radio, derives home precisely this point in her opinion-piece published in the Tennessean. Ms Senjanovic has lived many a year in Rome and has deep roots in both central and northern Italy (Trieste), while also having a unique perspective on the United States, her home country (or one of her home countries, she would say).

In her article, she sums up the Italian experience for the benefit of her Tennessean audience, and derives from it clear lessons that, she argues, the US should take to heart.


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