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structure of the major

Core courses develop expertise in literature, writing, and publishing. In the surveys, students will become familiar with British and American literature, its history and development through various historical periods. 


Media, editing, and publishing courses focus on the practical skills and editorial processes required to bring finished products to the public. 

The genre courses look at poetry, fiction, and drama from a practitioner’s perspective, looking at the distinctive characteristics of each genre, its internal structure, and most effective writing techniques. One genre course is required while the remaining two options can be taken as electives.

The digital media cluster adds practical knowledge of the technology used in editing and publishing, both software and hardware, while also emphasizing the visual aspects of communication.

Major electives are divided into two clusters that reflect the dual nature of the program: literature on the one hand, writing and publishing on the other.

While all EWLP majors are expected to develop expertise in both areas, they are given the opportunity to specialize in one or the other, or balance the two evenly.

The optional capstone is available for students interested in developing their own creative or scholarly project in close collaboration with a faculty advisor.

Core and Core Electives (24 Credits)

Core courses (all) - 22 credits

ENG 200    Survey of British Literature I
ENG 201    Survey of British Literature II
ENG 204    Survey of American Literature

COM 213   Transmedia Storytelling
ENG 305    Literary Editing and Publishing


Genre cluster (one) - 3 credits


ENG 206     Poetry: Genre, Technique, and Structure

ENG 207     Drama: Genre, Technique, and Structure

ENG 208     Fiction: Genre, Technique, and Structure

Digital media cluster (two) - 6 credits

DM 105      Digital Design I: Print Graphics
COM 211   Podcasting and Vidcasting

FLM 150     Introduction to Film-making
Major Electives (15-18 Credits)

Optional Capstone Project (3 Credits)

ENG 498    Capstone Senior Project (1 credit)

ENG 499    Capstone Senior Project (2 credits)

Writing and publishing cluster

COM 318   Principles and Practice of Journalism

COM 403   Magazine Journalism Practicum

COM 409   Investigative Journalism
ENG 203    Writing Rome
ENG 300    Creative Writing
ENG 311    The Art and Craft of Writing
ENG 313    Creative Non-Fiction Writing
ENG 315    Advanced Concepts in Fiction Writing and Criticism

ENG 317    Writing Fiction for Children and Young Adults
ENG 321    A Moveable Feast: Writing about Food
ENG 322    Travel Writing
ENG 327    The Art of the Review: Movies, Books, and the Arts

ENG 414     Publishing Practicum: From Literary Acquisition to Book                      Publicity

Literature cluster


ENG 206     Poetry: Genre, Technique, and Structure

ENG 207     Drama: Genre, Technique, and Structure

ENG 208     Fiction: Genre, Technique, and Structure

ENG 303     Images of Italy in British and American Writers
ENG 308     Playful Subversion: Understanding Postmodern Text
ENG 309     Shakespeare’s Italian Plays
ENG 315     Advanced Concepts in Fiction Writing and Criticism
ENG 318     Laughter, Satire, and the Comic Form
ENG 320     Modernism and the Making of the New
ENG 325     The Grand Tour and the Literature of Tourism
ENG 401     Major American Authors: Hemingway
ENG 411     The Literature of War – Europe and WWI
ENG 412     The Literature of War – WWI and WWII
ENG 413     Literature and Race

ENG 415     Crime and Punishment in Literature

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