minor in English writing

Why minor in English Writing?

Because it’s cool and unexpected. In your major, you will acquire knowledge and skills that will make you competent in your field, and comfortable with the challenges and expectations you will encounter in your future professional life.

The Minor in English Writing will add the ability to appreciate the importance and effectiveness of narratives and storytelling in communicating goals, proposing solutions, illuminating spreadsheets, illustrating statistics, explaining discoveries, and creating connections.

This unique sensibility to storytelling and its many facets may put you in the ideal position to write meaningful narratives that will help your organization reach out to a world that does not speak its technical language or understand its purpose, or reach within to members that might miss the big picture.

Or, (who knows?), the life experience accumulated in your day job may turn into a work of fiction that only you could write.

Core classes

(2 classes; 6 credits)

COM 213    Writing Across the Media    
ENG 305
     Literary Editing and Publishing

Core electives

(1 class; 3 credits)

ENG 201    Survey of British Literature II
ENG 204    Survey of American Literature    
ENG 208    Fiction: Genre, Technique, and Structure

Minor electives

(2 classes; 6 credits)

ENG 203     Writing Rome
ENG 300     Creative Writing
ENG 311     The Art and Craft of Writing: Expository Writing    
ENG 313     Creative Non-Fiction Writing
ENG 315     Advanced Concepts in Fiction Writing and Criticism

ENG 317     Writing Fiction for Children and Young Adults
ENG 321     A Moveable Feast: Writing about Food
ENG 322     Travel Writing
ENG 327     The Art of the Review: Movies, Books, and the Arts
COM 212    Concept Development/Storytelling
COM 318    Principles and Practice of Journalism
COM 323    Sportswriting
COM 403    Magazine Journalism Practicum
ENFD 310   Adapting Literature to the Screen
FDM 214     Fundamentals of Screen Writing
FDM 302     Advanced Screenwriting: Screen Story Development



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