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Jan 21 – Jan 27, 2019

Off/Off Theatre, Via Giulia 20

In the first edition of OnStage!, hosted by the Off/Off Theatre, music, dance, and theatre productions based in NY are taking the stage in Rome. This cross-cultural artistic exchange includes 6 theatrical shows, performances by 2 American musicians, and playwright presentations from the Italian & American Playwrights Project and the Cherry Lane Mentor Project. The festival is also presenting the OnStage Award for American dramaturgy, in which an unpublished text is translated and read particularly for the festival. The public is also encouraged to join the festival for in-depth discussions on weapons; cultural integration; women, science, and equality; and anti-LGBTI hate.

Entry to the presentations and discussions are free to the public, and performance admissions range from 10-15 euros. For the full schedule of events, check out OnStage!'s official festival site:


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