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Rachel Babb: From Capstone to Publication

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

In Fall 20 and Spring 21 I had the pleasure of working with Rachel Babb on her capstone project titled "The Art of Performing Vintage and the Authenticity of Nostalgia." Rachel is a graduate in the Communication and Digital Media program with a keen interest in fashion and all things vintage. In her capstone, she applied a keen theoretical framework to this contemporary phenomenon that brings the past into the present in ways that reveal profound needs, perhaps lacks, and desires. It was an instructive and often exhilarating journey that I was fortunate to be part of.

Now, rachel is turning that project into a serialized publication on British Arts and Culture blog Round Lemon. Rachel is skillfully adapting her capstone's scholarly language for a general audience and she does so without diminishing the complexity of her research. On the contrary, she is successfully expanding her readership's vocabulary with terminology that helps define what many, no doubt, are able to grasp intuitively but may not know how to put into words. Or, she is unveling an entirely new perspective that will surprise and delight her readership.

We all look forward to the next installments of this exciting journey in the world of Vintage.

Rachel is also a contributors to Remus Volume XII - Spring 2021 with paintings she made at AUR as a Fine Arts minor.

Andrea Pacor


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