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Updated: Dec 14, 2023

On the night of December 7th, a Thursday, but, more remarkably, the last day of classes in a very busy semester, the AUR Drama Club treated all of us, AUR denizens, to an outstanding production of six original pieces and one adaptation of a timeless classic.

The six pieces are "Madrina," written and directer by Katie Uliana, "Airplanes," written and directer by Chloe Williams, "Lover's Lane," written by Mia Katarina Vujicic and directed by Ella Brillant, "My Last Four Hours," written and directed by Yujiin Lee, "Existential Slumber Party," writtend and directed by Nalu Gruschkus, "Hunger," written and directed by Lucia Guerrieri, and "A Chuckling Christmas Carol," written and directer by Alexis Apple.

Justin Tyler was master of ceremonies, introducing each piece, and Henry Dreiling performed the musical intermissions.


The Performances


Stage and Tech Manager

Liliana Zimberg


The Cast and Crew

Alexis Apple, Bruno Bielecki, Ella Brilliant, Gian David Carbone Stanziola, Pasha Dvorkovich, Kea Gerike, Yujiin Lee, Nikko Markakos, Sofia Mezzini, Marco Parolin, Lenka Raicevic, Nichole Reed, Nalu Gruschkus, Flora Scott, Katie Uliana, Mia Katarina Vujicic, Chloe Williams, Liliana Zimberg.


The Playbill


Special Thanks

Faculty supervisors Danilo Meriano and Bruno Montefusco, for keeping the ship's course true. Gianluca Ariodante for sound set up. And very special thanks to Drama Club co-presidents Katie Uliana and Liliana Zimberg for fanning everyone's creative embers into a raging fire!


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