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Le Plurali Publishing House To Visit AUR

Hanna Suni of the independent feminist publishing house Le Plurali will visit AUR to present their latest publication, the first Italian translation of Maya Angelou's "Mom & Me & Mom."

The work is a moving memoir from the great African-American writer and poet that tells her life through the lens of her relationship with her mother, Vivian Baxter. If Angelou led a life that seemed like a hundred lives (single mother at the age of 17, cook, dancer, intellectual and civil rights activist with Martin Luther King), her mother is no different. The memoir explores the relationship between a mother and a daughter based on sisterhood, forgiveness, and mutual respect. 

Ms. Suni will be reading from both the English and Italian versions and will discuss the art of translation. In addition, she will share insights from her experience in the world of independent publishing, making it a great opportunity for students interested in the business.

Le Plurali publishes both nonfiction and fiction books written exclusively by female authors. They translate books that can't be found in Italian and republish texts that can no longer be found in bookstores. They feature independent, feminist voices and celebrate the words of and incredible stories of heroines both past and present.

The event will take place on Tuesday, 27 February at 19:00 at AUR's Auditorium.

Sign up here to attend.


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