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Kind Words from EWLP Graduate Hannah Clark

EWLP and The Literary Imagination are happy to hear from Hannah Clark, EWLP Graduate and former Remus editor for Volume X in Spring 2019 (available here) to which she also contributed a short story titled "Silvio". She has also contributed to Remus Volume XI (the Spring 2020 issue), this time with a set of prints.

Hannah also keeps a blog called A Writer's Homeland that we encourage you to visit.

We share this kind message with her permission!

The Literary Imagination


Dear Lisa and Andrea,

I hope all is well with you both and the semester is going well! I just wanted to send an update about where I landed with employment.

After exploring options in Burlington, VT and New Mexico, I ended up finding a nonprofit in Pittsburgh [Mansmann Foundation] that was looking for a writer. My position is a 'Content Development Specialist,' and I work at an organization that builds support groups around Pittsburgh for established entrepreneurs and small business owners so they can collaborate with each other and get practical business tools from an experienced facilitator. In Allegheny county alone there are more than 6,000 foundations, and there is a lot of coverage for startups and tech, but once people become established with their businesses there aren't many resources or programs available.

My job is primarily interviewing the entrepreneurs who are in our groups and writing their stories for our new website that's coming in January. Our new website will revolve around our clients and their amazing stories, and so I'm really glad that I found this nonprofit at the time I did and get to be involved. So far I've talked to a property redeveloper; an ice cream sandwich maker; a swimsuit designer; a physical rehabilitation coach; a founder of an alternative, democratic school; and a frame shop owner. Everyone has really interesting stories about how they started their business, and it's cool to talk to a wide variety of people through one job.

I also wanted to say thank you for all the opportunities you gave me to work on Remus and create a website-podcast-writing thesis. I couldn't have known then, but all the experience I got from interviewing Valeria at the IAPP, managing a long term project like Remus and our FB page, and being able to incorporate website development with writing and podcasting was exposure and practice that I use every day for my job. Our nonprofit is very small (6 employees) and I work with our CEO and President every day, and I think a big part of why they decided to hire me was because of all the experience and projects I had under my belt. I just can't thank you both enough for all of the chances you gave me to manage or explore everything I did 💛

Looking forward to hearing updates about the semester and AUR, and again, thank you both so much.

All the best,



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