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Fragments of a Fleeting Life

Congratulations AUR Drama Club for a thrilling performance at Teatro Testaccio on Friday, May 5th. The show, titled Fragments of a Fleeting Life, was entirely written, staged, and performed by our wonderful students with the artistic direction of Prof. Bruno Montefusco.

The play is comprised of six fragments: "Farewell Game" written by Sofia Brushtein and directed by Sofia Brushtein and Victoria McAteer, "Ninety-Nine Percent" written by Yasmine Guiga and directed by Yasmine Guiga and Victoria McAteer, "Klara and the Sun" (based on a novel of the same title by Kazuo Ishiguro) adapted and directed by Amelia McRae, "The Ticking Clock" written by Olivia Kesselman and directed by Olivia Kesselman and Autumn McIntyre, "Break the Cycle" written by Tatiana Parente and directed by Omaima Houbadi, and "Tyler's Authentic Italian Cuisine" written by Kathryn Uliana and directed by Kathryn Uliana and Yasmine Guiga.

Fragments of a Fleeting Life was performed before an enthusiastic audience of students, faculty, friends of the university. AUR President Scott Sprenger and Dean of Academic Affairs John Muccigrosso were also in attendance.




Sofia Brushtein, Bruno Bielecki, Kathryn Uliana, Mia Gallinat, Amelia McRae, Kea Gerike, Paul Carpenter, Marco Parolin, Francesca Ferraro, Justin Taylor, Gian Carbone, Autumn McIntyre, Alexis Apple, Omaima Houbadi, Olivia Kesselman.


Bruno Montefusco, Danilo Meriano, Patrizia Fasano, Omaima Houbadi, Kathryn Uliana, Charles Schwebs, Liliana Zimberg, Yujin Lee, Logan Uhlig, Amina Mamedova.


Teatro Testaccio is a cozy theater in the heart of Rome that seats about 100 spectators. The AUR Drama Club took full advantage of the intimacy this creates between actors and audience, breaking the fourth wall in some of the pieces. The theater is definitely worth a night out and the surrounding Testaccio neighborhood is a very fitting setting to both live and witness fragments of a fleeting life.


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