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EWLP Adds Two New Courses in Fall 22!

In the coming Fall of 2022 the English Writing, Literature and Publishing program is adding two brand new courses, one in the literature and the other in the publishing cluster. We are very excited about these additions to our curriculum that will expand the range of choices available to our students and provide more opportunities for intellectual and professional development.

The first course is ENG 415 Crime and Punishment in Literature, and it will explore how literature has tackled the themes of crime, punishment, and guilt in four novels, each accompanied by a key reading in law, sociology, literary theory, and philosophy. The course will show how literature approaches these aspects of the human condition in its own way, with its own tools, and reaches a peculiar understanding of crime and punishment that is unique in the quality of its insight, and, at the same time, extremely varied in its sweep of the topic's many facets. In the truest spirit of the liberal arts, literature, law, theory, and philosophy will collaborate to illuminate this dark side of the human experience.

The second course is ENG 414 Publishing Practicum: From Literary Acquisitions to Book Publicity. This course leads students through the process by which a manuscript becomes a published book, from acquisition, to developmental editing, to course adoption, and book publicity. As a practicum, it emphasizes hands-on learning in a workshop format. Students will learn about editorial choices and strategies not only from classroom work but also from industry guest speakers. This upper-division course builds on the skills and expertise acquired and honed in our core and elective editing and publishing classes.

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Ronyaz Hayyas
Ronyaz Hayyas
Jun 01, 2022

# great topic and thnks for extra information

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