Travel Writing During a Pandemic

As a university student, I am at a point in my life where I feel expected to know about my interests. So, for the past year, I have been exploring all possibilities: screenwriting, poetry, journalism, copyediting. At the beginning of 2021, when I wanted to experiment in combining my greatest passion, writing, with one of my lesser but also great passions, traveling, I found little to do. How can one travel write during a time when travel is nearly impossible, countered my professor to whom I proposed the idea. I thought of writing about Corona as a traveler, or about the distinctions between my home country and Italy, but I ended up abandoning the pursuit altogether. Still, there is hope for the travel writer.

Andrea Sachs is a travel writer for The Washington Post. In October 2020, The Post published "Home and Away: A lifetime of travel writing prepared The Post's Andrea Sachs for everything—but staying in one place," a piece about the chains in which Covid has entrapped her work. She writes, "The travel industry is putty in the pandemic's hands. No one knows when it will come back—or in what shape." The pandemic has left Sachs and other travel writers having to include news articles, historical essays, and virtual events as a significant part of their publishing. Sachs, for instance, published pieces such as "To sample is human, but our beloved lipstick testers and cheese cubes aren't coming back anytime soon," on August 31, 2020; "Here's what you need to know about getting a coronavirus test at the airport," on November 12, 2020; and "Is your virtual whiskey or cheese tour missing an ingredient? Try one with samples," on January 29, 2021.