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Remus Volume XI - Spring 2020 - Is Out!

The Literary Imagination, English Writing Literature and Publishing, and The American University of Rome are proud to announce the launch of the latest issue of Remus - Volume XI.

Visit the virtual launch page to celebrate with us this small triumph over adversity, and listen to audio and video contributions from AUR President Richard Hodges, Dean of Academic Affairs Genevieve Gessert, EWLP Program Director Lisa Colletta, professor Andrea Pacor, student editors Alexandra Truelove and Benjamin Hild, and Remus contributors Keelie Rix, Zachary Smith, Arianna DeAngelis, Derek Cebrian, Tae Yeon "Isaac" Yoon, Sofia Valencia, Sephora Thompson, and Hannah Clark.



Read the issue online to experience the nostalgia for a before-time when no one imagined that a microscopic bug would wreak such havoc on a planetary scale.

Then look at the present and the future, channel your creativity into giving literary or artistic expression to the human condition in the times of the pandemic by contributing to the special edition, Remus Pandemonium!

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