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Remus Pandemonium Edition

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Dear Remus friends, readers, and contributors

This is a call for submissions for the Spring 2021 edition of Remus that will be published in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic as an act of resilience and resistance! We will title it (tongue in cheek) Remus Pandemonium.

So channel all your frustration, anger, fear, disillusionment, exhilaration, optimism, irony, sarcasm... into literary or artistic expression. Send us fiction, poetry, drama, screenplays, photography, painting, sketches, comics, storyboards... (not limited to the pandemic)

Remus Pandemonium is open to undergraduate students world-wide. Visit our submission page (click on the Roman newsstand below) for both the regular and special edition!

Submit to Remus

Here is a small taste from three submissions we have already received:

A Simple World

by Alexandra Truelove

Anna is seven years old, or she will be in a few months; but she felt she deserved to be seven by now. She searches through her room for her Italian flag, leaving a trail of clothes and toys behind her. “Mama! I think Ale stole it again!”.

“It’s sitting in the jar by the door where it goes, Anna.” Her mom replies from another room.

Mama had been home for more than a week now and she insisted on cleaning every day now. Anna couldn’t wait to go back to school, they didn’t make her clean there. Why do beds have to be made if we just go back into them again? It seemed odd but then again, she noticed adults have problems with logic.



Notre Peste (series - 2 of 4)

by Benjamin Hild


A Day in Quarantine

by Keelie Rix

7:00 AM

  1. Wake up feeling exhausted because my body won't let me get a full damn night's sleep anymore since I never leave the damn house.

  2. Curse my existence and inability to sleep properly.

  3. See that I have a million new emails and decide I’ll deal with them later. (Hint: I won’t deal with them later)

  4. Think really hard about how I should get out of bed and get some exercise.

  5. Scroll through social media mindlessly and absorb nothing.

7:20 AM

Fall back asleep.



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