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"Io Resto a casa!" Considerations on Humor in a Time of Crisis

Like the rest of the country, Lisa Colletta (professor of English at The American University of Rome) has had to batten down the hatches and reorganize her life to do everything from home: from work, to play, to keeping in touch with friends and family. All is now contactless, very much like our credit cards.

After making the initial adjustments, which were admittedly complicated for all of us, she is back on her travel blog sharing her thoughts on how humor is helping Italians cope with confinement, restrictions, and concern for the future of their country (economic and otherwise).

The irony of writing a travel blog from home is not lost on Lisa Colletta, but while a "change of scenery" usually requires moving from one place to another, sometimes the scenery changes around you so dramatically that the effect can be more intense than any physical travel. Often, such radical transformations are not for the better, and this one certainly seems epoch-making in one way or another.

We have, here, The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly all mixed together. The ugly is certainly the disease, the overcrowded hospitals, the doctors and nurses struggling to keep up and risking their health and their lives to help the rest of us; the bad are the economic consequences from the stalling of the country's (and the world's) productive life; the good, well, ... for the good read Lisa Colletta's "Io Resto a Casa"


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