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The Project is the creation of  Italian theater producer Valeria Orani, director of 369gradi in Italy and Umanism in the United States. The Italian Playwrights Project in collaboration with the Martin E. Segal Center at CUNY and its director Frank Hentschker aims to introduce select plays by contemporary Italian authors to American audiences.


Conversely, the American Playwrights Project aims to introduce select plays by contemporary American playwrights to Italian audiences. The Project covers the entire process, from selection, to translation, publication, and performance of the translated texts.


The American University of Rome is proud to partner with Orani and with the Segal Center in this wonderful initiative.


A Writer's Homeland is Hannah Clark's website dedicated to the exploration of displacement, exile, and physical landscape through the mediums of fiction, poetry, interviews, photography, and film.


Hannah's project begins with her own experience as a traveler and aggregates contributions from other writers in voluntary or involuntary exile. It is bound to grow in time, and help us grow as we explore it. As it makes something beautiful out of the world's heartache.


A Writer's Homeland began as a capstone project in English Writing, Literature, and Publishing at The American University of Rome. Hannah combined her interest in literature and writing (her major in EWLP) with the skills for shaping and disseminating content in the digital age acquired in her minor in Film and Digital Media to create a unique, new place that is nowhere and everywhere at once.


Lisa Colletta

The Expat Literary Traveling (ELT) blog accompanies Lisa Colletta's exploration of the many links between literature and travel. Whether it is following in a writer's footsteps (sometimes riding a donkey), or tracing the paths of characters from great fiction, ELT never fails to relate the past with the present, the fictional with the real, and the empirical with the imagined.


Lisa is Professor of English at the American University of Rome. She has lived in Rome since 2009 and has published several books and numerous articles and essays, both scholarly and personal.


Lisa’s scholarly interests are humor studies and the literature of travel, both of which inform her own literary traveling and response to place.

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