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remus volume XiII

- spring 2022 -

     Dear Readers,

     This thirteenth edition of REMUS is a patchwork of stories, each one giving us a glimpse into a moment in time. As we emerge from the pandemic and slowly ease back into a new “normal” nothing is more important than the exploration of a shared human experience.

     Our fine arts contributors share with us snapshots of everyday life in the city: a picnic at the park, getting lost in the crowd, stopping to pet a stray cat.  Our authors tell stories of difficult family dynamics, falling in and out of love, studying abroad for the first time, and personal introspection. All these diverse experiences weave throughout the various artistic forms presented here: fiction and non-fiction, poetry, painting, photography, and printmaking.

     The works showcased in this edition reflect the outstanding creative and artistic abilities of the AUR student body. As editors, we are proud to present these insightful pieces to you.


     The Editors

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